Purpose Pillars

How does ONO deliver consistently great matches? By measuring and visualizing every user’s purpose. 

An Architect's desk.

Purpose Pillars are key to understanding how ONO works. The platform scores users by four broad types based on what it thinks they can bring to a project. These four types are Thinker, Planner, Doer and Donor.

Project teams of all kinds attract people with different purposes: to define the goal, ideate solutions, make things happen, or provide funding and other support. Projects lacking one or more of these quickly fall down. That’s why we call them Purpose Pillars.

New users of ONO are asked to answer four simple questions that analyze their purpose within four scenarios. Dynamic purposes are then assigned to the user’s profile, which helps ONO's matching engine find complementary profiles.

Purpose Pillars are not just for matching users – they also send a powerful message about how you can contribute to the community. Are you the ideas person or the taskmaster? Perhaps you're a bit of both.

Because people are constantly changing, so should your purpose. Your activity, interests and expertise all influence your dynamic purpose indicator as the value you can bring to a project changes over time. 

See How It Works

Step 1: Analysis
Logan is a new ONO user. He creates a profile by entering details of his career, along with some skills and interests, just like he would on LinkedIn. He then answers four multiple-choice questions which ONO will use to score his purpose.

Step 2: Results
Logan’s Purpose Pillars are displayed in bar graph form. The results are dynamic because, like most of us, Logan is multi-dimensional and can adapt to new situations. His purpose at any point in time will influence how he is matched with other users. 

Step 3: Matching
ONO has just matched Logan and Roxanne. Their Purpose Pillars show how complementary they are, showing how they can leverage the strength of the other to make them an ideal collaborative pair. The pair have access to visualized insights to confirm the validity of the match.

Now that you understand the real purpose of Purpose Pillars, it’s time to create yours!

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