Case Studies

Learn how ONO can bring value to various institutions, businesses, and industries.

Conversation amongst students. Working on that next big tech sensation.


  • Finding specific partners that meet your development criteria.

  • Collaborating efficiently and tracking progress on one channel.


  • ONO's Project Marketplace worked hard to build the right team to collaborate on the productivity app. The process from pitching the project, assembling the team, collaborating, and tracking progress was quick and hassle-free.

  • The Project Marketplace allows team members to work remotely and efficiently on one platform from anywhere, anytime.

Case Study Educational Institution

Student: Productivity App

A computer science student is building a productivity app and needs help from fellow students for research, user testing, and UX design.

Researcher standing proud next to his farming robot.


  • Connecting with the right people with shared capabilities, purpose, and intent can be complicated.

  • Potential language barrier.


  • ONO’s matching engine saves time and takes the guesswork out of finding the right school and research group that meet your specific needs.

  • Confidently collaborate with foreign schools with ONO’s platform-wide instant translation functionality.

Case Study Educational Institution

Researcher: Research Opportunities

A research leader wants to engage other schools for future research opportunities in agriculture innovation.

School administrator.


  • Access to intuitive, flexible, and collaboration-focus tools requires little resources to maintain while providing rich metrics for validation.


  • Students are instantly and intuitively able to engage with and exchange ideas with academics and professionals worldwide thanks to ONO's instant matching and remote collaboration design.

  • Administrators can measure the effectiveness of collaboration between students and institutions with rich metrics available to them.

Case Study Educational Institution

Administrators: Fostering Collaboration

To foster a learning environment of cross-collaboration, school administrators seek innovative solutions to help facilitate and measure the success of the meaningful collaboration between students and schools.

Master's student. Asian woman.


  • Lacks startup experience.

  • Connecting with the right mentors and professionals is time consuming and often ends in disappointment.

  • Lacks resources, funding, or distribution channels to set up and support the business.


  • ONO took the guesswork and fear out of finding and engaging resources, partners, mentors, distribution channels, and funding to help realize his vision.

Case Study Startups

New Grad: Starting a Venture

You are exploring the idea of converting your thesis paper about urban aquaponic farming into a future venture to produce fresh food for local businesses and schools.

Young tach startup founder. Mixed race.


  • Unfamiliar with the foreign market.

  • Finding the right co-founder with capabilities, purpose, and a commitment level that match your needs is complicated.


  • Based on the Intent Card, ONO instantly presents a shortlist of potential co-founders that meet your criteria.

  • Thanks to ONO's Visualized Insights, you can reach out confidently having all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Case Study Startups

Founder: Finding a Co-Founder

You have started your new venture but have struggled without a like-minded co-founder in a foreign market to help you localize and grow your business.

Young entrepreneur. Mixed race.


  • Cold calling can be a negative experience.

  • Find the right VC or investors that meet your needs and understands you is tough with traditional platforms.

  • Communicate your potential value to investors as quickly as possible.


  • ONO eliminates the need for cold calling by matching you with the best VCs and investors that meet your needs.

  • ONO’s Visualized Insights are the ice breaker that conveys the right amount of information to warrant a fundraising meeting.

Case Study Startups

Co-Founder: Raising Capital

Your new venture is developing a mobility solution for the greying population in rural communities. You are looking to pitch VCs to raise capital.